10:36 2021-07-19
Provision-ISR's MintDNS Service is due to expire on 31/12/2021.
We are now offering a free, more stable and reliable service - www.autoddns.com
No new device registrations are applicable for this service.
All registered Devices will continue working normally until 31/12/2021.
Starting 1/1/2022 all devices using provision-isr-dns.com will not be reachable.
We advise changing to www.autoddns.com service on your existing and new devices
Please follow the follo the below steps to configure the Autoddns.com service:
1)Enable the DDNS Service
2)Choose www.autoddns.com from the DDNS type list
3)Input a DDNS domain name of which you want to use.
4)Click on register.
4.1)If you get a message saying “Registration Successful”, continue to step 5.
4.2)If you get the error message saying “Hostname as been used” repeat steps 3 + 4. Try add you can try adding letters / digits
4.3)If you get any other error message, please check your network connectivity and DNS settings then repeat steps 3 + 4
5)Click on “Apply”
6)Wait for a few seconds. The Status should change to “Success”.
For additional support please contact support@provisionisr.com
Login will be permitted until 31/12/2021.
Registration is no longer permitted


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